Trekking & Adventure Holidays

Executive Excellence (EE) is a team of professionals with backgrounds in the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), Commandos, Health and Fitness, Medical Corps and Learning & Development. We are committed to assisting people to become significantly more effective in their personal and professional lives by providing trekking holidays and other programs including Kokoda Treks, Everest Base Camp expeditions, Mt Kilimanjaro Treks, Sandakan Experiences and Elite Training Camps. Please contact us to discuss your adventure of a lifetime.

Other Treks & Expeditions


Black Cat Track

Black Cat is a unique experience. It is raw and untouched consisting of a rough overland track that runs from the village of Salamaua on the coast to the township of Wau in the mountains of the Morobe Province in PNG. Read more.

G Force Trek

Looking for an opprtunity to really test yourselft? This is the place where you will find strength you never knew you had. A select number of participants will have the opportunity, for four days each year, to test their strength, endurance and resolve and become part of G Force. Read more.